ElementFe is my trade name for the Guemes Island blacksmith shop; designing, forging, and building handcrafted forged steel and iron furniture, gates, railings, candlesticks, spoons, kitchenware and all manner of repair and fabrication.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I thought it was worth the time to modify the 1-ton press to accept the 6" bending jig- it's not a brake, by any means, but it sure has gotten me through a lot of work, and it's so much faster than twisting a vise, which is what these jigs were made for.

It was a little hard to reach, though,  and this was fairly heavy stock, so I stretched the handle just a bit...as Guy Clark would say, "Sometimes I use my head sometimes I get a bigger hammer". 
In this case I kinda did both.