ElementFe is my trade name for the Guemes Island blacksmith shop; designing, forging, and building handcrafted forged steel and iron furniture, gates, railings, candlesticks, spoons, kitchenware and all manner of repair and fabrication.

Monday, March 03, 2008

An afternoon in the forge.
This post shows some of the many operations that take place during a typical afternoon in the forge. I thought it would be fun to get out the mini-camera and document some of this as it happens.
Not shown is the office work that was going on between shop operations- drawings for a new rail for an old customer, many phone calls and emails to keep up on accounts.

One project for the day was garden tools.
Starting with surplus automotive springs...

A single leaf is cut loose from the stack. Often the eye is used for hinges and such, in this case I heated it and flattened it out.

These were cut to a point, but the technique shown makes that unneccesary, since they get sheared to shape after being spread.