ElementFe is my trade name for the Guemes Island blacksmith shop; designing, forging, and building handcrafted forged steel and iron furniture, gates, railings, candlesticks, spoons, kitchenware and all manner of repair and fabrication.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The panel components are cut precisely to length on the large bandsaw, then in order to consistently place the holes a "story stick" is made- pictured is welding a stop on one end of a piece of scrap metal, this piece is then carefully drilled so that a center punch can be used to mark the exact location of the holes on each component.

Once the components have been carefully center punched and marked, they can be drilled on the drill press- first a small pilot hole, then the full sized hole, then a small bit of reaming to ensure a snug fit.

Checking welding settings on some scrap material, and here the frame is laid out and clamped to the table, all dimensions are carefully measured before assembly, then it's checked for square and most importantly the diagonal measurements are checked- this assures that the assembly is precisely square.