ElementFe is my trade name for the Guemes Island blacksmith shop; designing, forging, and building handcrafted forged steel and iron furniture, gates, railings, candlesticks, spoons, kitchenware and all manner of repair and fabrication.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Today's project is one that several people have asked me about: a bottle tree.
This is a custom in the South, whether it's a welded piece of fantasy or just bottles stuck on the branches of a dead tree.
Materials for this one (what I had on hand on a day too snowy to shop for more steel): 6.5 feet of 5/8 rebar, and about thirty two feet of 3/8 rebar, plus a wicked sharpened cleat that you can step on to drive it into the ground, this makes for a steadier base.
Installed height will be 8 feet, with room for 24 colored bottles.